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Customized treatment plans to maximize performance, health, and happiness.

Testosterone Optimization

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How It Works


Get your test.

It all starts with a test kit. You can order one by clicking Get Started or find one in-store. Be sure you follow the instructions and scan the QR code to activate your kit.


Ship your sample.

We've included straightforward instructions on how to collect and ship your sample. The collection method may vary depending on the type of test kit you ordered.


Discuss your options.

Your Nimbus provider will review your medical history and analyze your lab results. You will meet via telemedicine to discuss your options and we will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you meet your health and wellness goals.


Get your treatment.

After you and your provider determine the best treatment plan, we will mail your prescription and continue to do so on a subscription basis until your next appointment with your provider, or you choose to cancel.

Nimbus Men's care

Nimbus is a direct-to-consumer telemedicine platform that uses advanced at-home blood and genetic testing to develop customized treatment plans specific to each client based on their biochemistry to improve performance, health, and happiness...all at an affordable price.
For almost as long as there have been doctors, there have been men who are reluctant to go see them. And that avoidance has real consequences. At Nimbus, our goal is to close that gap and get men everywhere access to the integrative functional medicine they deserve at a price they can afford.
Our telehealth platform allows men to get care at any time of day, often in just minutes. And they can get that care from anywhere.
The goal of an ambitious man is self-actualization. Having a healthy and optimized body drives new paths for that to happen. Nimbus Men’s Care is centered around the lifestyle and performance needs of men and personalized medicine in every form of treatment.

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